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Alligators are large reptiles with appetites to match. These scaly beasts are often found in or near water where they wait to ambush unsuspecting prey. Alligators have extremely powerful jaws which they use to submerge their prey underwater. Gators are typically found in marshes and swamps or in the jungles along the banks of rivers. Being very territorial, an alligator is very likely to attack anyone unfortunate enough to find themselves near their nesting grounds; however, they are also fairly slow animals and can be easily outrun by all but the most ungainly.

Alligators are hunted for their skin and meat; their spiny hide is coveted by leather workers for it's use in armor. Their meat is a staple food for those living near swamps where other meat sources may not be as abundant. It should also be said that these beasts have been tamed and trained by those with moderate skill animal taming. Additionally, the zookeeper at the Moonglow Zoo is looking for a particularly rare breed of alligator called 'a crocodile' to add to his collection. One should look to find it among other alligators.

- Melochabre the Wise


Damage5 - 15
Monster TypeMelee
Strength76 - 100
Dexterity6 - 25
Intelligence11 - 20
Hit Points46 - 60
Taming Info
Minimum Taming47.1
Control Slots1
Barding Info
Barding Difficulty29
w/ a GM Instrument26
w/ a Slayer Instrument23
Slayer Info
Dropped Slayer
Effective Slayer
Effective Super Slayer
Base TypeCreature
Primary TypeAnimals
Sub TypesReptiles

Spawn Locations

No spawn locations on file

2018 Leaderboard

1st Macha 808 Kills
1st Robyn of Locksly 803 Kills
1st Farquaad 755 Kills
1st Foxy Roxy 477 Kills
1st Everlast One 415 Kills
1st Billy Jean 390 Kills
1st Caleb 305 Kills
1st Lemican 274 Kills
1st Raylore 264 Kills
1st Vanaondo 248 Kills
2018 Kills 21,285

Lifetime Leaderboard

1st Haeweth 2,785 Kills
1st Colter 1,934 Kills
1st ValoriVinyl 1,586 Kills
1st VonViggio 1,483 Kills
1st Richard hood 1,327 Kills
1st 1,039 Kills
1st Keza 923 Kills
1st 897 Kills
1st Lemican 786 Kills
1st Carla 586 Kills
Lifetime Kills 100,083

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