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Power of the Night [PwN] "No charter has been specified."



- Guild Members -
Name Full Name Guild Title
a ghost The Dread a ghost: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Aidan The Glorious Aidan No
Ajatar The Outcast Ajatar No
Amber Shadow The Evil Amber Shadow: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Anakin The Nefarious Anakin: Annihilator of Evil No
Apsara The Dishonored Lady Apsara: Spite of Evil No
Aren Fikk The Glorious Aren Fikk, Grandmaster Tamer No
Ayla The Wicked Ayla No
Aziel Black The Honest Aziel Black: Annihilator of Evil No
Bagful The Dread Bagful: Executioner of Evil No
Bob The Tamer The Despicable Bob The Tamer: Spite of Evil No
Boy George The Evil Boy George: Opponent of Evil, Grandmaster Veterinarian No
BubbaLJ The Evil BubbaLJ: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Stoic No
Clam The Nefarious Clam: Annihilator of Evil No
Colt The Dread Colt, Grandmaster Demoralizer No
Concuss The Nefarious Concuss No
Coratron The Evil Coratron No
Dark Huntress The Vile Dark Huntress No
Doc The Illustrious Doc: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Naturalist No
DrainDatStam The Good DrainDatStam No
DrDolittle The Dread DrDolittle: Executioner of Evil, Grandmaster Rouser No
Eda The Wicked Eda No
efil remat The Dread efil remat: Hunter of Evil, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Elia Stormborn The Dread Elia Stormborn: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Bard No
Ella Lys The Nefarious Ella Lys: Annihilator of Evil No
Ellie Goulding The Dread Ellie Goulding: Opponent of Evil No
Elovena The Fair Elovena No
Felix Jaegar The Wicked Felix Jaegar No
Fluffhead The Glorious Lady Fluffhead, Grandmaster Naturalist No
gbus The Renowned gbus: Spite of Evil No
Gootti Gootti No
Hades The Dishonored Lord Hades: Spite of Evil No
Hades The Dread Lord Hades, Grandmaster Mage No
HammerTime The Evil HammerTime: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Mage No
Herbert Shtumply The Dread Herbert Shtumply: Spite of Evil No
Hutch The Evil Lord Hutch: Spite of Evil No
Ifirit The Sinister Ifirit: Hunter of Evil No
Jack Sprat The Dread Lord Jack Sprat: Executioner of Evil, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Jackie Hekard The Illustrious Jackie Hekard, Grandmaster Naturalist No
James Stampley The Wretched James Stampley: Spite of Evil No
Jane Poe The Evil Jane Poe, Grandmaster Bard No
Jess Thicc The Villainous Jess Thicc, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Jimmy The Dastardly Jimmy No
Kanteletar The Dread Kanteletar No
Karrelane The Dread Karrelane: Spite of Evil No
Kreugen The Evil Kreugen: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Stoic No
Krobelus The Dread Lady Krobelus: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Demoralizer Death Prophet [PwN] No
Kuhldaran The Dread Kuhldaran: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Tamer No
Lady Gaga The Dread Lady Gaga: Hunter of Evil No
Leshrac The Outcast Leshrac: Spite of Evil Tormented Soul [PwN] No
Lucy The Glorious Lady Lucy No
Luna Garza The Evil Luna Garza: Opponent of Evil No
Luonnotar The Outcast Luonnotar No
Marge Simpson The Dread Marge Simpson: Executioner of Evil No
Martin The Glorious Lord Martin, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Mole The Dread Mole: Annihilator of Evil, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Molly The Admirable Molly No
Moon The Illustrious Moon, Grandmaster Scholar No
Moon Song The Illustrious Moon Song, Grandmaster Rouser No
Moon Whisper The Commendable Moon Whisper No
NerK The Dread NerK: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Stoic No
Nildro-Hain The Dread Nildro-Hain: Hunter of Evil, Grandmaster Tamer No
Nusir The Glorious Nusir, Grandmaster Rouser No
Oblivious The Dread Lord Oblivious, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Oyster The Dread Oyster: Hunter of Evil, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Paul Daniels The Glorious Paul Daniels, Grandmaster Mage No
Pickles The Dread Lord Pickles, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Pix The Prominent Pix: Spite of Evil No
Playful The Dread Playful: Annihilator of Evil No
Pocketful The Dread Pocketful: Executioner of Evil No
Quorra The Glorious Lady Quorra: Spite of Evil No
Remington The Dread Remington: Hunter of Evil, Grandmaster Tamer No
Rhasta The Dread Lord Rhasta: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Naturalist Shadow Shaman [PwN] No
Richter The Glorious Richter: Spite of Evil No
Rivy Winegard The Illustrious Rivy Winegard, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Rubeous Hagrid The Illustrious Rubeous Hagrid, Grandmaster Tamer No
Sarah Poe The Evil Lady Sarah Poe: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Rouser No
Sarah Tonin The Renowned Sarah Tonin, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Short Story The Glorious Short Story: Opponent of Evil No
Silvamord The Evil Silvamord: Opponent of Evil, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Snow The Wicked Snow: Spite of Evil No
Spencer Tracy The Dread Lord Spencer Tracy: Spite of Evil No
Storm The Evil Storm: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Suzy Greenberg The Famed Suzy Greenberg No
Sylvana The Evil Sylvana No
Talon Karde The Glorious Talon Karde: Spite of Evil No
Tessa Black The Evil Tessa Black No
The Muffin Man The Upstanding The Muffin Man No
Theodore The Dastardly Theodore: Opponent of Evil No
Threar The Dread Threar: Venom of Evil, Grandmaster Tamer No
Threarah The Dread Threarah: Hunter of Evil, Grandmaster Tamer No
Winchester The Dread Winchester, Grandmaster Mage No
Wisers The Evil Lord Wisers, Grandmaster Tamer No
Wood The Glorious Lord Wood, Grandmaster Demoralizer No
Xeili The Despicable Xeili: Opponent of Evil No
Xel Silverkin The Dark Lord Xel Silverkin: Spite of Evil No
Xi The Outcast Xi No
Zakalwe The Dread Zakalwe: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Tamer No
Zeocorath The Honorable Zeocorath No
Zeocorath Xie The Dread Lady Zeocorath Xie: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Mage No
Zesryn Liadon The Dread Lord Zesryn Liadon, Grandmaster Mage No
Zilka Xie The Evil Lady Zilka Xie, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Guild Data Last Updated: 2/24/2024 6:05:07 AM (CST)

"When you do things right, people won't be sure that you've done anything at all."

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