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Citizens of Stormhold ['] "No charter has been specified."

Godric Greycliff


- Guild Members -
Name Full Name Guild Title
a referee The Scoundrel a referee The Blind MC ['] No
Aidan The Illustrious Lord Aidan: Spite of Evil Recruit ['] No
Andrew Andrew Merchant ['] No
Angel The Illustrious Angel, Grandmaster Scholar Citizen ['] No
Barbara The Fair Barbara Vlar's Valkyries ['] No
Cale Crutchfield The Illustrious Cale Crutchfield, Grandmaster Lumberjack Citizen ['] No
Ceeron The Respectable Ceeron Miner ['] No
Domadora do Beco The Glorious Lady Domadora do Beco, Grandmaster Naturalist Citizen ['] No
Dylan The Fair Dylan Quartermaster ['] No
Eliore The Glorious Eliore: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Scribe Council ['] No
Emily The Fair Emily Vlar's Valkyries ['] No
Erik de Red The Renowned Erik de Red Citizen ['] No
Finn Nachtigal The Renowned Finn Nachtigal, Grandmaster Mage Recruit ['] No
Gaelan Greycliff The Glorious Lord Gaelan Greycliff Herald ['] No
Gareth Greycliff The Reputable Gareth Greycliff Cavalier ['] No
Gawayn Greycliff The Illustrious Gawayn Greycliff Cavalier ['] No
Giorgio The Glorious Giorgio, Grandmaster Warder Warder ['] No
Gladys Greycliff The Illustrious Gladys Greycliff Citizen ['] No
Glynda Greycliff The Glorious Glynda Greycliff Citizen ['] No
Glynis Greycliff The Illustrious Glynis Greycliff Citizen ['] No
Godiva Greycliff The Glorious Lady Godiva Greycliff Herald ['] No
Godric Greycliff The Illustrious Godric Greycliff Council ['] No
Godric Greycliff The Renowned Godric Greycliff Council ['] No
Godric Greycliff The Illustrious Godric Greycliff Council ['] No
Godric Greycliff The Glorious Lord Godric Greycliff Council ['] No
Graeme Greycliff The Admirable Graeme Greycliff Citizen ['] No
Guthren The Prominent Guthren Citizen ['] No
Guthrie The Prominent Guthrie Citizen ['] No
Guthrum The Renowned Guthrum Citizen ['] No
Jamey Johnson The Glorious Lord Jamey Johnson, Grandmaster Rouser Citizen ['] No
Jebidiah The Fair Jebidiah Council ['] No
Jeremy The Respectable Jeremy Fisherman ['] No
John Henry The Eminent John Henry, Adept Stoic Craftsman ['] No
Kalanojl The Sinister Kalanojl, Grandmaster Biologist Citizen ['] No
Mago do Beco Mago do Beco Citizen ['] No
Melech The Rude Melech Craftsman ['] No
Mordechai The Glorious Mordechai, Grandmaster Mage Eiffel Isle Council ['] No
Niere The Respectable Niere Citizen ['] No
Osceola Osceola Ranger ['] No
Randall Redding The Admirable Randall Redding Citizen ['] No
Robin Redding Robin Redding Council ['] No
Robin Redding The Evil Robin Redding Council ['] No
Roscoe Redding The Glorious Roscoe Redding, Grandmaster Tamer Dragon Handler ['] No
Roxanne Redding The Great Roxanne Redding Herald ['] No
Rufus Sixsmith The Wicked Rufus Sixsmith: Spite of Evil Citizen ['] No
Rupert Redding The Famed Rupert Redding Citizen ['] No
Samhain The Renowned Samhain Citizen ['] No
Ulviirala The Honorable Ulviirala Citizen ['] No
Vlar The Glorious Vlar, Grandmaster Scholar Council ['] No
Wilhelm Wilhelm Butler ['] No
Guild Data Last Updated: 2/24/2024 4:05:04 AM (CST)

"When you do things right, people won't be sure that you've done anything at all."

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